Our Tools and Techniques

Programming Languages, Styles and Tools

We at Funktionale Programmierung Dr. Heinrich Hördegen rely of course on functional programming. In many years of academic research, the innovativ potential of this approach has been shown clearly. In practice many companies use functional programming languages, such as Ericsson, Facebook, Google, AT & T or Deutsche Bank. We use the high-level languages Haskell, OCaml and Lisp.

Of course we are familiar with the established imperative and object-oriented programming languages C, C++, and Java. We also have experience with older or less common languages such as Pascal, Modula-3 or Ada95. For network programming and client-server solutions we use different technologies: XML, HTML, CSS, SVG, Java Script, Ajax, PHP, and XSL and XSLT and XPath. Whether you use relational or hierarchical databases is up to you. We have expertise with SQL and other database languages.

Operating Systems

We are independent of operating systems. Windows, Mac OS or Linux? We can develop for you. We also act with confidence in heterogeneous system landscapes. We take it for granted to port our software to different systems.

We use Open Source

Open-source means that the programme code of our software is available to you. You can convince yourself of its quality and examine or further develop it independently from us. We not only create software transparently, but also use the transparently developed Open-Source software of other projects. This way, we can guarantee better quality, higher reliability and increased flexibility of your software. License fees are waived. Because programme code is available to you, you will stay independent.