Our Services

2080-Software Development

We develop software - from ideas and visions to products. Our services for you:

  • Custom-made software
  • Software prototypes
  • Web application programming
  • Concurrent and multi-core programming
  • Domain-specific languages

Our approach is based on the Pareto principle. This means: For 20 percent of your budget, we already provide you with 80 percent of the software's functionality. Projects that are carried out after the 2080-method have a fixed beginning and a fixed end. This ensures that our customers have a realistic view of a project's progress. Continue reading...

German-French Software Consulting

For customers who need special knowledge of the German-French IT-market, we offer special services:

  • We advise German-French enterprises.
  • We supervise bi-national projects.
  • We localise your software.

Our cultural proficiency is your advantage. Continue reading.

Tools & Technology

If you want to know more about the tools and technologies we are using, continue reading...