Our Development Style

You are cordially invited to follow our work closely: We maintain a cooperative and open development style. With us, you can experience the realm of software development. Your feedback is important, because together we achieve better results.

We focus on functional programming. Decades of of academic research and practical application have prooved this programming paradigm more flexible and modularized than traditional approaches. This means faster development and better code reusability. The expenditure for software maintenance is reduced significantly. Higher code robustness makes functional programming also an out-standing tool for development of everyday software. This way, our customers can focus on their business.

You will get an expert's advice in issues of software development and distribution. In our projects, we use open-source: You will receive the program code of our software. This gives you the possibility to examine it independently or even to develop it further. This keeps our customers independant.

Since every business is unique, we would like to discuss the details of our approach with you personally: Contact