2008-2009 Di.IT AG

Di.IT AG is an established software company in the German automotive industry for suppliers of wire harnesses. The portfolio of Di.IT AG includes production control systems, logistics suites and a Cutting-area optimization, to control the cutting of wires on demand.

Dr. Heinrich Hördegen has worked for Di.IT AG on various components for production control systems. Development language was C++. Among other things, he has also realized diagrams, which interactively visualize the progress of production processes. This server-client application used the web technologies SVG, CSS, JavaScript, CGI and XSLT. In the field of logistics, Dr. Heinrich Hördegen has developed software for inventory management and just-in-time delivery.

During training of Di.IT AG's IT specialists, Dr. Heinrich Hördegen taught Java and developed a compiler for the exemplary programming language diitlang.