What do we do?

Functional programming is faster, more modular and more secure. This saves time, money and makes life easy.


The increased speed is already noted in programming. Functional programmes usually require only a third to a quarter of the code lines of a similar program in C/C++ or Java. Shorter programmes also include fewer errors.

Also, functional programmes do not need to fear comparision in terms of execution speed: Additional compiler optimisations lead to a maximum of efficiency.


In addition to high abstraction, functional languages offer concepts of generalisation. This results in a modular way of programming. Code is therefore easier to understand, easier to maintain and easier to reuse. Of course, it is possible to use existing libraries in functional programmes.


Most functional languages ??have a static type system. This mathematically oriented approach enables strong run-time guarantees. Also, formal verifications are possible. That's why functional programming is well suited for security-related tasks.


We apply functional programming techniques in the following areas:


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